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Cockney Rejects with support The Kingcrows & The Dregs – Friday 10th November 2023

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The Dregs
The room is already quite full when the Dregs start off the night with their brand of old
school punk mixing new and old tunes in their short tight set. Established in 1979, a couple
of their ex-guitarists have travelled for the gig. Tigger was the original guitarist and named
the band. Taff played with them in the mid-1980s and they dedicate ‘Sharpeville’ and ‘Drug
Song’ to him as he co-wrote these songs that remain in the set nearly 40 years on.
They will be recording in the new year so we should see both new and old songs released

The Kingcrows
The Kingcrows from Leeds take all the best parts of punk, including 70s New York punk, and
glam punk and write some really catchy stuff. This is evident in opener ‘Psycho Radio’, the
lead track on their 2019 album ‘Brute Force and Ignorance’. They have a lot of energy and
stage presence and invite the crowd to move forward and remind everyone that it’s a Friday
night punk gig not a funeral. Brave.
They make a hell of a noise and clearly have all been playing for years. Their set covers their
many releases with a number of tracks from latest album ‘Good Time for a Bad Time
Generation’. This includes ‘Goodtime Generation’, ‘Feeling Good’, the clever ‘Kicking in
Heavens Door’, ‘Falling Like Skittles’, ‘Young Guns of Nowhere Town’, Love and Razorblades’
and ‘Boys in the Band’.
These tracks are interspersed with some of the tracks which those who know the band greet
like old friends, such as the excellent ‘City Kids’ with its driving choppy rhythm and great
bass lines, and rocker ‘One Night Only’. To end the set, they take us back to their earlier
stuff with ‘One of the Boys’ a bit of a band anthem from 2009, and ‘Beer and Whiskey’ from
2015 album ‘Funland‘– don’t you just love a drinking song.
This was a great set, and they play the wonderful Leeds punk rock Xmas gig with the likes of
Discharge and Cyanide Pills at the Brudenell social club in Leeds on 16th December in
support of a local food bank – if you’re in the area get yourself down there it will be a belter.

Cockney Rejects
The rejects hinted last year that they planned to retire from full touring in 2023 and it seems
to have come round very quickly. The room is rammed with their faithful fans who having
followed them for years. They enter the stage to a what feels like a hero’s welcome and
break straight into ‘Fighting in the Streets’ and the song that put them on the map, first
single ‘Flares and Slippers’. They clearly mean business and have not mellowed at all.
We are bombarded with over an hour of sure-fire Rejects hits spanning their 40 plus year career
with Jeff bouncing around shadow boxing and the band playing explosive versions of their tracks
driven by the tight drumming supporting the class bass and guitar lines. ‘You’re Country Needs You’
is dedicated to their family members who fought in the wars and to all those who have given their
lives for their country as we approach Remembrance Sunday.
‘We Are The Firm’, ‘I Love Being Me’ the classic ‘I’m Not A Fool’, ‘The Power and the Glory’ and ‘East
End’ have the crowd singing along and Jeff thanks his bandmates for allowing him to still behave like
a 15 year old every night fronting the band, quipping that sometimes to him it’s like stars in their
eyes. ‘Tonight Matthew I’m Going to be Stinky Turner’ – Classic and very funny.
They have always loved rock and never towed the line and have always been keen to celebrate both
in the songs that follow, ‘Headbanger’ and ‘We Can Do Anything’. The reggae groove of ‘Where the
Hell is Babylon’ soon turns into the full-on assault we know with its great guitar solo. This leads us
into the mass singalong of ‘Join The Rejects’, ‘The Rocker’, and ‘Greatest Cockney Rip Off’.
Jeff introduces the wonderful version of ‘Bad Man’ which leads effortlessly into the chants of ‘War
on Terraces’. The finale is made up of ‘Hate Of The City’, ‘Police Car’ and ‘Oi Oi Oi’ which helped
define a whole genre of early 80s punk that will forever be part of their legacy.
It was great to see a packed room with so many there to celebrate this chapter of an excellent hard-
working band and nice to see the band members come out and talk to the fans at the end of the
As they say themselves, they are not retiring they will be playing festivals and all-dayers and other
shows too. No doubt many of those here tonight will be at the shows they play over the coming
years and the Rejects have already been confirmed for Rebellion 2024.

Big thanks to Rich, Dude, Louise, Jenna, The sound man, the roadie and all the bar staff for another great night.

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