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The Dreadnoughts – August 2022

The Dreadnoughts – August 2022

The Dreadnoughts are a Canadian 6-piece folk-punk band from Vancouver. The band combines a wide range of European folk music with modern street punk. The band has six full-length albums and three EPs on various labels, and has played around 500 shows in around 30 countries. They also perform frequently as a traditional polka band at polka festivals, under the name “Polka Time!”.

Current Members –

  • The Fang, Guitar and Vocals
  • Wormley Wangersnitch, Violin
  • Leroy “Slow Ride” McBride, Accordion and Vocals
  • Drew Sexsmith, Mandolin, Banjo and Vocals (sometimes known as the Dread Pirate Druzil)
  • Squid Vicious, Bass
  • The Stupid Swedish Bastard, Drums

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The Crew Rock Radio has been a vision shared by Rich Burlingham and John Hook for a number of years but in the spring of 2020, during a Covid-19 national lockdown, the idea came to life. The crew Rock Radio aims to provide the same service as the bar does – great music! The Crew Rock Radio is made up of hand picked DJs all sharing the same passion for Punk, Rock and Metal music. The station is presented to you playing the best music in these genres 24/7. 

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