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The Attack – 27th October 2022

Four top bands on a Thursday night for a cocker, what more could you want? Yep, The Queens Hall was the place to be in Sunny Nunny for the first date on THE ATTACK tour of this Sceptred Isle. Nuneaton newcomers GRAIL GUARD opened proceedings with their brand of American Hardcore, re-cycled for the 21st Century with added ferocity and power, showcasing their debut single “Cruel Britannia” to fine effect.

Keep your eye on these guys, they’re only gonna get better. Melodic ‘77-inspired punks YEAR ZERO next, who ply a fine trade in well-crafted tunes with earworms a-plenty and some great tunes lifted from their debut album “Brace For Impact”, which is well worth a listen. For me “Midnight Picture Show” is a classic track and was the highlight of their well-received set tonight. Main support tonight are local boys made good SHACKLEFORD who have certainly been spreading their wings gig-wise this year, heading out and about around the country on a regular basis. Tonight, however is a hometown gig with the band in front of their own fans, so it was always going to be a little emotional! If these guys are new to you, they play pop-punk how it should be played, a-la Buzzcocks rather than wimpy Stateside.

There’s one album out to date Shackleford III as it’s the bands’ third release following a couple of EPs! (Also known as the blue release due to its cover!). The boys are firing on all cylinders tonight and

“Across The Sea” and “Dopamine” never sounded so good! So, if you like yer pop-punk they could be your new favourite band! Now tonight’s headliners THE ATTACK hail from the sunny climate of Orlando, Florida but soundwise are anything but and as their 2013 EP states; “Too Punk For The Hardcore Show, Too Hardcore For The Punk Show”, yes, its tongue-in-cheek but live the band who emerged from the ashes of The Spitvalves put on one hell of a show, blending melodies with a hardcore sensibility that encourages the punters to get that mosh-pit started right from the start. They’ve released two fine albums to date in 2013’s “Of Nostalgia And Rebellion” and 2016’s “On Condition” aswell as a slew of 7” singles, so guys the time is right for another full-lengther! Tonight the band are pushing the “Get Lost” single, also the name of the tour. The band open naturally with “Call To Arms” followed up by “Four Of A Kind”, the opening 1-2 from “On Condition”. Its back to the first album for “The Great Escape” and “Getaway Car” with a second album re-visit in “These Nights” before singer Charlie regales those present as the band take a breath and hit the first of the new material with B-Side “Twilights Of Vagabonds” followed by a cracking cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising” from the debut album. “Betting Man” and “Stolen” are fellow album tracks before and as a surprise for tonight, for the last couple of tracks, the ex-Business and Skeptix guitarist Fish peels away from merch duties to join the band on stage for runs through “Suburban Rebels” and the bands’ “Breaker Breaker” off “On Condition”. The band are called back for a couple of encores including “Get Lost”, Twas a great way to end the night leaving everyone present to head off home with a feeling that they had witnessed something special from all concerned.


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