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Saturday 9th of November 2024All Out Emo

Saturday 9th of November 2024

Doors open at 8.00PM


All Out Emo! came about during the early stages of 2020. Having been in bands since he was 14 years old, Danny decided it was time for a change and time for something a little bit different.

He wanted to create something “the likes of which had never been seen”. With a huge love for all things 90’s and 00’s, the path which had to be taken became pretty obvious; to create a band that celebrates the best of all the Pop-Punk/Emo/NuMetal bands from the generation which we all know and love.

After lots of searching and many auditions, Danny managed to find the most skilled musicians with the same love, passion and vision for band that he has.

Thus  ALL OUT EMO! were born.



The Crew prides itself on the entertainment held at the bar. There is something on for everyone including karaoke, jam nights, live music and music from our inhouse rock DJs. We hold events all week long!  Come down for a drink or two and enjoy the atmosphere and great rock music.

Fancy a night out? Been a while since you last let your hair down? Why not check out our upcoming events below!

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The Crew Rock Radio has been a vision shared by Rich Burlingham and John Hook for a number of years but in the spring of 2020, during a Covid-19 national lockdown, the idea came to life. The crew Rock Radio aims to provide the same service as the bar does – great music! The Crew Rock Radio is made up of hand picked DJs all sharing the same passion for Punk, Rock and Metal music. The station is presented to you playing the best music in these genres 24/7. 

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