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Friday 12th of July 2024The Spirit of RUSH

Friday 12th of July 2024

Doors open at 8.00PM


The Spirit of RUSH!
The premier tribute band dedicated to capturing the sound and style of the legendary band.
With decades of experience between them, they’ve honed their craft and bring the same energy and intensity to their shows that made Rush famous.
Their performances are a true tribute to the band’s impact on music, and they’re proud to carry on their legacy.

If you’re a fan of Rush or just looking to experience great music, come see them play live and feel the spirit of Rush.



The Crew prides itself on the entertainment held at the bar. There is something on for everyone including karaoke, jam nights, live music and music from our inhouse rock DJs. We hold events all week long!  Come down for a drink or two and enjoy the atmosphere and great rock music.

Fancy a night out? Been a while since you last let your hair down? Why not check out our upcoming events below!

4 for £10.00 Jägerbomb’s
4 for £10.00 Skittlebombs!

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The Crew Rock Radio has been a vision shared by Rich Burlingham and John Hook for a number of years but in the spring of 2020, during a Covid-19 national lockdown, the idea came to life. The crew Rock Radio aims to provide the same service as the bar does – great music! The Crew Rock Radio is made up of hand picked DJs all sharing the same passion for Punk, Rock and Metal music. The station is presented to you playing the best music in these genres 24/7. 

If you can’t get down to the bar – Listen to The Crew Rock Radio now

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Baby Guinness 4 for £10.00